Who is Return to Rest for?

It’s for all women. Although when we started we were a retreat geared for the self employed women, we realized quickly that many ladies, no mattter their career path, were resonating with the vision of RTR. Through the years we have had stay at home moms, women in the corporate world, college students and self-employed creatives join us. RTR is for any women that resonates with the vision and heart of this retreat!

Why is the cost on the higher end?

It's expensive to put on a retreat. Not only that but it takes a lot of work to put on RTR. We have a speaker & worship leader with us throughout the whole retreat, as well as an in home cook that makes all our meals from scratch. Over the years we have kept RTR small on purpose. We only allow for 8 attendees to sign up so that the retreat is a great experience for all. With bigger retreats, it's so easy to feel lost in the crowds of women. It's our heart that everyone feels welcomed and loved during the retreat. With keeping the number of attendees low, we allow for a more intimate experience. Which we love!  We are also a not for profit retreat. All monies goes to the cost of the retreat. Payment plans are now available. Email to find out more!

What does the schedule look like for the weekend?

  1:00 PM    Free Time

  6:30 PM    Dinner

  7:30 PM    Worship/Speaker

  9:00 PM    Movie Time (optional)

10:30 PM    Bedtime

Here is a schedule for one of our days! 

 8:30 AM   Breakfast

  9:30 AM   Quiet Time

10:30 AM   Discussion Group

12:00 PM    Lunch

Have any other questions about the retreat? Shoot us an email via our connect page!