The Heart

Ever since I moved to Boston back in 2012, I had a desire to bring together a community of Christian women that worked in the creative, self-employed industry. It’s always been lingering in the back of my mind, but it wasn’t until the end of 2013’s wedding season that I felt God truly placing a vision on my heart. Since then, my passion has grown to include women in many industries and varying stages of life - single, married, parents, etc.

For the months of January, February and March in New England, we are in the midst of cold temperatures and piles of snow. Life slows down, and as a result we are forced to slow down. We are forced to rest. I long for that, not only as a photographer but as a woman of faith. I long for a time to sit among like-minded creative women who love Jesus and who desire to use their abilities and gifts to serve God. I desire to share with women who are struggling to find their identity in Christ, and to learn from those who are resting securely in it.

Maybe you’ve had a busy season of constant work and are ready to return to resting in the Lord. Maybe you long to be renewed and re-focused before next year’s busy season comes around. If so, I invite you to spend a couple of days with us, with women who love Jesus and yearn to be more like him – in our work, in our relationships, in our everyday life. - Ruthie