Kristin P: RTR 2014

- What was one of your biggest takeaways from the Return to Rest Retreat?
was so caught up in the busy-ness of my life that I forgot how to spend quality time with Jesus.  Such an elementary thing was so hard for me because I was so connected to technology and my clients, and I didn't even realize it.  To put every e-mail, text, and social media update aside-- to just be still and know that He is God-- was my biggest takeaway at Return to Rest.

- How has Return to Rest affected your home life / work life / marriage?
realized at Return to Rest that I needed to purposefully set aside time to be with Jesus.  For me, that meant picking up a 'real' Bible and setting down my cell phone Bible, because texts and alerts were causing distractions and pulling me away from precious time with God.  Now, I schedule a certain time every day to pray and read the Word; in a paperback Bible, away from my cell phone, and that started at Return to Rest.  This has become the foundation of my entire day, and sets the tone for my work ethic and the way I love my husband.

- Are there any practical rest or Sabbath tips you’d like to share since attending RTR?
learned at Return to Rest that my distractions are sneaky and powerful.  At Return to Rest we were encouraged to read paperback books and Bibles, and in doing so, I felt withdrawal from my cell phone and laptop.  One of the important things I learned at Return to Rest is that I have to completely eliminate my distractions from my time with the Lord.  Sometimes that means traveling to a cabin on a lake, with new faces, far from home; and it's so worth it!

- What encouragement would you give to someone who is considering registering for our January retreat?
f you feel a tug in your heart like maybe you're supposed to do this; you probably should.  It's okay if you don't know anyone.  It's okay if you have to travel halfway across the country to get there.  And believe me, it's okay to be away from your computer and your clients for a few days (and if that thought gives you anxiety, you might need this retreat more than you think!).