4 Reasons why 2017 is going to be our best retreat yet

Hey, friends! Nancy Ray here. If you don’t know much about me, you can click here to find out more. I experienced my first RTR retreat in January of 2015 as a speaker, and my heart caught hold of something new and fresh that is so needed in today’s culture, in today’s Christianity, in MY life, today:


I walked out of that simple weekend of fellowship, of ministry, of being OKAY watching Anne of Green Gables and not doing emails, of praying through scripture - and I left changed. I contacted Ruthie and told her - I’m in. I would love, LOVE to be part of this again.

And so we began brainstorming, talking, face timing about how we can offer this retreat again to women who crave it. So without further ado, Return to Rest is coming back better than ever! If you’re considering coming, I wanted to share 4 reasons why 2017 is going to be our best retreat yet!

1. The People: Y’all, I’m just going to take a second and brag on my sweet friend Ruthie. Her heart is for ministry, for women, for rest, is incredible. She is the founder of this retreat, and she puts the love on every woman that enters the precious home on Merrymeeting Lake where we host it. Our worship leader is an incredibly gifted lady who loves Jesus… a lot. And don’t even get my started on the food! The chef, who happens to be Ruthie’s sister, made the most delicious, home-made food I’ve ever had. (Not even kidding - we were all begging for her menu and recipes when we left.) And we honestly believe that every person who registers for this retreat, who craves soul rest and community, is MEANT to be there. We already have a group of women ready to sign up, and we believe every person who is coming is meant to be there.

2. The Content: This feels a bit weird to say since I’m the speaker, but goodness there is some really good content and truth that will be poured into each attendee.  God has been working on my heart for some time now (honestly about 2 years) about this theme of rest. He ALREADY is giving me words of truth, Biblical lessons, sermons, books, and straight life lessons that are meant for this retreat! And I cannot wait to share what he’s given. 

3. The Intimacy: There are limited spots available - for a reason! Only 8 ladies are able to come, because that’s literally the amount of beds we have to offer! It creates an environment of intimacy, where we all leave friends. And that is truly the point.

4. The Setting: The cozy cabin on Merrymeeting Lake (that is typically frozen solid in February) is like a safe haven where time just seems to stop. It’s intimate, nestled into a neighborhood in New Hampshire, and makes you feel completely off the grid. It’s quiet, small, and beautiful. We all fit around one big table which is my favorite part, and life change happens because we share rooms and share space and get calm before the Lord. It’s the perfect setting for Return to Rest.

So that’s it! Pray about joining us if you need some soul inspiring rest. We would love to have you.